Sarah E. Gilpin, Ph.D.

Sarah E. Gilpin, Ph.D.
University of Toronto
Instructor in Surgery

My research goals focus on lung disease and repair, with the goal of regenerating lung tissue for clinical application.  I obtained my MSc. from McMaster University, studying circulating fibroblast progenitors in patients with pulmonary fibrosis. I then completed my PhD studies at the University of Toronto, investigating epithelial progenitor cell populations in end-stage lung disease and in chronic lung allograft rejection following transplantation. These studies also included investigation of cellular recruitment and migration mechanisms in the context of lung tissue injury and repair.

Since joining the Laboratory for Organ Engineering and Regeneration I have worked to develop novel strategies for ex vivo lung tissue regeneration based on native lung scaffolds, utilizing both patient-derived and induced pluripotent stem cells.  

My specialized expertise includes  in depth knowledge of both endogenous and exogenous lung epithelial stem cells populations, as well as translational understanding of human lung disease, injury, and repair.